When the Rangers’ future was at stake, when Yu Darvish’s career was on the line, they consulted the Mets’ medical director. Presumably, this world-class surgeon doesn’t help the Mets find Best Place To Get Cheap Jerseys physicians on Craigslist, and that he’s directing a competent medical staff. Everyone involved with the Mets’ health might be supremely qualified and good at what they do.

However, the other, darker side of those two minds knows that if you give 100 baseball fans this sentence and ask them to fill in the blank …

The ______ will be without their best pitcher for a while, as what was initially described as “mild elbow discomfort” has become a much more serious problem.
… at least half of them would fill in the Mets. If that’s a coincidence, it sure is an unfortunate one.

The logic mind is probably safer, here. Blaming the medical staff is like blaming the hitting coach for every slump. Maybe you’re right, but you can be damned sure you’re not in possession of all the evidence. Or anything more than a smidgen of the evidence, really.

Simply put, Paul George can say whatever he wants because he’s the only person Best Quality Cheap Jerseys in the organization who has done his job. He’s the only hope of the team. If he says that his teammates need to be better, then his teammates need to be better. George himself always steps up. In a game that his team needed to win to remain competitive, he had one of the best performances of the postseason, and yet the Pacers still lost. That’s not on him or because of his statements. It’s because his team is not good enough.

If Paul George is mad, it is because the Pacers are actively making him unhappy. It is because the ambition of the team is not high enough, the front office not smart enough and the players on the team are not good enough to help him win an NBA title.