He’s not an elite jumper, but his long arms help mitigate that, making it difficult for passers to throw over him in the red zone. He’s a solid tackler who wraps up well and can roam to the line of scrimmage and add extra depth to blitz packages.

All in all, he has the physical makeup to be one of the best defensive backs to come out of the 2017 draft. Given his competition, that’s heavy praise.

The Clemson product’s athleticism exceeds his instinct for the game, which can allow him to be turned around in coverage and create moments where he’ll struggle to track the ball once it’s in the air. He tends to over-correct on these mistakes, leading to an unacceptable amount of defensive holding and pass interference calls in 2016. You can even see in the .gif above the liberties he takes downfield when it comes to grabbing onto receivers before the ball arrives.

He’ll need to bulk up a bit more without sacrificing the speed that allows him to break back to the ball when he gets beat near the line of scrimmage. The draft is a pretty big event for fans. In 2015, the last year it was held in New York City, the attendance reached 200,000, which included those who attended the draft itself, as well as the events around Radio City Music Hall. Chicago’s last year reached 225,000 over three days.

We’ll have to see what the numbers look like from Philadelphia this year. Before Morgan emerged as the anchor of Kutztown’s unit, he was a 235-pound senior at Parkway Northwest High School. He needed “enrichment hours” to graduate, so he played football to help rack up those hours.

According to Morgan, “enrichment hours” was the school’s way to New York Yankees Cheap Jerseys promote youth and keep students off the streets. Since Parkway Northwest was a small high school, Morgan said it sent Cheap Jerseys Website its athletes to play sports at Germantown.

Morgan tried out for Germantown’s team and made it.